Correct makeup steps for novices

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Apply evenly by laying flat, don't apply in circles all the time, wait for 5-10 minutes to form a film after applying sunscreen, and then apply makeup to prevent mud rubbing and damage to the film-forming effect.

Priming before makeup (pre-makeup milk/cream)

Pre-make-up milk and cream have similar effects, such as moisturizing the skin, invisible pores and slightly polishing the makeup, making the makeup more docile. Just choose one.

Concealer (Concealer/Concealer)

Concealing this large-area flaky concealer and color concealer before putting it on the foundation; The precise concealer, such as acne marks and tear grooves, and the concealer of skin color are placed behind the liquid foundation.

Base makeup (air cushion/liquid foundation)

If there are not many facial defects and you want to go out quickly, just use an air cushion; Liquid foundation has a wider range of choices and more color numbers. Choose the color number of foundation that is similar to your skin color or slightly whiter. Remember to coat your neck with the remaining powder on the puff to avoid color difference.

Makeup fixing (loose powder/honey powder cake/powder cake/makeup fixing spray)

Spray will not cover the gloss of the base makeup itself, but can create a watery muscle makeup effect, suitable for thousands of skins; Loose powder/honey powder cake can absorb more oil and is suitable for oil skin; It is good to use loose powder for local makeup of mixed muscles, and powder cake can be used for makeup setting and makeup repair. Honey powder cake has no color, and it has the same effect as loose powder, which belongs to makeup fixing products; The powder cake is colored, and its effect is closer to that of foundation, which belongs to the base makeup product.

Thrush (eyebrow pencil/eyebrow powder/eyebrow gel/eyebrow dye paste)

Eyebrow color should be consistent with hair color, eyebrow pencil should outline the outline, eyebrow powder should be filled with color, and finally it should be combed with eyebrow brush; Eyebrow glue is more difficult to use; Novice babies who dye their hair with eyebrow cream should learn to repair standard eyebrows, and don't rely on eyebrow seals or eyebrow cards. Not only can the technology not be improved, but the effect is also very blunt.


Beginners suggest starting with the earth color system that is versatile and does not step on thunder. The formula is the lightest matte color base+darker main color smudge+the darkest color of the same color system+pearlescent brightening. Sequins can be used to brighten the eyes and draw silkworms.

Eyeliner (eyeliner gel pen/eyeliner liquid pen/eyeliner paste)

Eyeliner glue pen is the easiest to operate, suitable for novices, and can be modified by dipping a cotton swab with some emulsion when drawing mistakes; Although eyeliner and eyeliner are not easy to measure makeup for a long time, it is difficult for novices to get started and modify it.

Beginners can try semi-eyeliner painting, first pull out an eyeliner at the end of the eye, then fill in the corner of the end of the eye, and finally fill it at the root of the eyelashes.

Eyelashes (Eyelash Curler/Eyelash Base/Mascara)

Eyelash curler: clip it from the root of eyelashes to the top, and only clip the root eyelashes for puffy eyes. Priming: the fiber of the primer is brushed at the end of eyelashes. Mascara: Wipe off the excess paste on the paper towel before brushing, and then brush the root of eyelashes with a Z-shaped brush (not with a Z-shaped brush from beginning to end) while gently pressing.

Capacity repairing (capacity repairing rod/liquid/powder)

Capacity-repairing liquid is not easy to control because of its strong fluidity, and it is easy to damage the makeup. It is not recommended for novices.

Novice oil skin is suitable for repairing capacity powder, and dry skin is suitable for repairing capacity stick.

Highlight shadow

The highlights are brushed on the forehead, the bridge of the nose, the arch of the eyebrow and the face. Novices can use matte highlights.

The shadow hits both sides of the bridge of the eye socket and under the cheekbones.

Blush (Blush Cream/Blush Powder/Liquid Blush)

Cold white skin is suitable for pink, and warm yellow skin is suitable for orange. It will be more lovely to brush a little blush on the nose and eyes.

Lip makeup (lipstick/lip glaze/lip mud)

Apply lip balm after applying makeup, and then wipe it off before applying lipstick, so that it is not easy to get lip lines.

Red bean paste color, coral color and grapefruit color are relatively safe color numbers, and it is not easy to step on thunder; Rose powder, Barbie powder, nude powder, bright orange and fluorescent color should be carefully selected.

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